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Thread: Carys Zeta Douglas, Town and Country Magazine September 2018

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    Catherine is looking rough...the daughter is shockingly average, like most celeb crotchfruit.
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    ^^That's what I see too. Average. Nothing wrong with that, she's a teen kid. Not everyone can be a 15 year old Brooke Shields. That family doesn't need to add to the legacy thing. Kirk and Michael are enough. Lots of good movies in their history. CZJ was 25 years younger than Michael when they got together, that's what I remember. Jeez, 25 years is a lot.

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    She just looks like young Michael Douglas to me. It's the eyes.

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    Yep she’s got the Douglas fish eyes.
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    If not every teen can be a Brooke Shields (god she was beyond gorgeous) as a teacher I still see way more gorgeous kid than this one in my school only.
    We wouldn't even have to check all the highschools of the world to find teens way more interesting than this one, so "I'm working hard" bitch please, what are you working on anyway?
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