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Thread: Britney Spears - Rolling Stone Magazine - 2001

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    What is all this Brit revival about these days??
    Don't forget she was like 17 or 18 in those pics, so obviously her body has changed and has become more "womanly".

    Anyway, again, she never ever had those tiny legs... and the giveaway is the the last pic first row, where she's on the seesaw and here it is her ham thigh.
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    Damn its hard to believe that Britney used to have long blonde shiny hair.. now she is really ugly! But oh well its good that she has so many pictures of herself with blond long hair.. otherwise I would even not believe that she had hair hehe ..

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    Well, yes, she looked better here. But airbrushing has always been her friend. And I wouldn't be surprised if those were hair extensions, even back then.

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