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Thread: Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill New York Magazine August 2011

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    Brad looks great

    sure doesn't look almost 50
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunShine23 View Post
    i love brad with long hair. reminds me of legends of the fall brad. and i usually am not into him but here he looks good IMO
    I love long hair Brad too. Jonah, yeah, the weight loss is amazing but it did kinda surprise me to see these pics.

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    Long greasy grimey looks like it's flinging filth hair? Y'all like that? Barf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaMama View Post
    Brad's hair in that second pic is making me nauseous. Just vile.
    And you know he's prolly all stank in that pic too. Unless he has some baby wipes handy.
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    As good as Brad looks for his age, I just want to give his hair a good wash lol! ...Jonah Hill looks great with the weight loss, its definately aged him though!

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