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Thread: Angelina Jolie - Harper's Bazaar

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    I'm so glad Angelina's publicist Lainey weighed in.

    The first set is good but the second set veers into uncomfortable "white lady colonial" territory.
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    Very pretty pics.
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    Fantastic pictures.
    The first ones especially, and god her smile is beautiful, and feels so genuine.

    I am studying the Breadwinner with my grade 8s, it is not a great book, but certainly an interesting one.
    Tackles many issues and really makes us question the things we take for granted, that are so easily taken away even today, in the real world.
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    Photoshop or not, her face is stunning. Her holding her leg though... look how skinny it is. Her face must be really plumped to make it look somewhat normal compared to zero body fat on her everywhere else.

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    It's plumped, photoshopped and she has had a ton of surgery!
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