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Thread: Madonna's sexy new look!

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    Default Madonna's sexy new look!

    Here is a little sneak peek at the new W Magazine photo spread planned for this May. Madonna shows of a new, sexy look - reminding of Bad Girl from her Erotica phase.


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    Gag. She looks like the wicked witch of the east.

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    EW! NOWHERE NEAR her Erotica phase!

    To remind us what she looks like without makeup and photoshop, please look left. <---. Thank you.
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    please i cant take anymore of her sexy new looks

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    Isn’t she 102 or something? She looks old but in denial... We didn’t get to see the third pic where the guy goes, “Get off me you crone!!”
    When it’s a celebrity who’s dressing like this it’s ”sexy”, if it’s your own parent, it’s embarrassing.
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    Sexy, no.

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    Nice bulging veins in her arm. Her hair in the top picture almost looks gray. And check out her cheekbone in the left of the picture. It's just weird.
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    She looks terrifying. Wicked Witch of the West is right!

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    memo to self- dont eat when opening any thread about Madonna.
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    Sexy? I don't think so. God, she is sooooo in denial about her age. I'm not saying 50 years old is one foot in the grave, but acting like your 25 makes you appear even older.
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    that guy looks like a cross between prince and a goat

    but he has good skin

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    I just wonder...this is supposed to be 'sexy' but I wonder if it's even about sex. I doubt it is, it's about losing her mother and not having that source of affection and the only other thing left was sexual attention, which she probably thinks she will die without. Sad.

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    you already know.


    she needs to stop with the blonde hair imo and the plastic surgery makes her look 60

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymeman View Post
    I just wonder...this is supposed to be 'sexy' but I wonder if it's even about sex. I doubt it is, it's about losing her mother and not having that source of affection and the only other thing left was sexual attention, which she probably thinks she will die without. Sad.
    Yeah, I always thought she had major issues because she didn't have a mother growing up and her father wasn't a good man to her. She remembers her mother being really sick and then dying when she was 5, then her father was strict and (allegedly) abusive to her and her siblings.

    She wrote "Oh Father" about him and it shows how much pain she felt growing up. She also wrote "Promise to try" about her mother and that song makes me want to cry when I hear it. Sad stuff.

    Promise to try:

    Little girl don't you forget her face
    Laughing away your tears
    When she was the one who felt all the pain

    Little girl never forget her eyes
    Keep them alive inside
    I promise to try -- it's not the same

    Keep your head held high -- ride like the wind
    Never look behind, life isn't fair
    That's what you said, so I try not to care

    Little girl don't run away so fast
    I think you forgot to kiss -- kiss her goodbye

    Will she see me cry when I stumble and fall
    Does she hear my voice in the night when I call
    Wipe away all your tears, it's gonna be all right

    I fought to be so strong, I guess you knew
    I was afraid you'd go away, too

    Little girl you've got to forget the past
    And learn to forgive me
    I promise to try -- but it feels like a lie

    Don't let memory play games with your mind
    She's a faded smile frozen in time
    I'm still hanging on -- but I'm doing it wrong
    Can't kiss her goodbye -- but I promise to try
    Oh father:

    It's funny that way, you can get used
    To the tears and the pain
    What a child will believe
    You never loved me

    You can't hurt me now
    I got away from you, I never thought I would
    You can't make me cry, you once had the power
    I never felt so good about myself

    Seems like yesterday
    I lay down next to your boots and I prayed
    For your anger to end
    Oh Father I have sinned

    Oh Father, if you never wanted to live that way
    if you never wanted to hurt me
    Why am I running away?

    Maybe someday
    When I look back I'll be able to say
    You didn't mean to be cruel
    Somebody hurt you too

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    Madonna sexy? That's like saying shit smells good.
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