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Thread: Beyonce Knowles - Instyle Magazine - November 2008

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    Default Beyonce Knowles - Instyle Magazine - November 2008

    Style Icons
    "Charlize Theron is always beautiful and feminine. I love her couture looks and dramatic silhouette. Halle Berry is elegant and sophisticated. I love that in the seventies Cher and Diana Ross looked like superstars and never played it safe. When they were onstage, they gave you drama-and I love drama."

    Pre-Superstar Style
    "Growing up, I was a tomboy. I refused to carry a purse and wouldn't wear a dress. That was the eighties and it was all about the hip-hop influence-baggy jeans and big shirts. [Her mother, Tina Knowles] hated it! But then I started singing and ended up watching all of the footage of the Supremes and Tina Turner. And I thought to myself, 'They're so beautiful. I want to be like them.'"

    Must-Have Accessory
    "I'm not dressed unless I have earrings on, like big hoops. I've always worn big earrings. Off the red carpet, I don't really feel comfortable with many rings and bracelets on. I love earrings though."

    Designer Obsessions
    "Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier are two designers I love right now. Their clothes are feminine, sexy and modern. I just went to the Giuseppe Zanotti showroom, and he had the most spectacular shoes. It was like being in a candy store-I was obsessed with every shoe! Right now, I love anything with a high platform."

    Off-Camera Style
    "I'm a lot more conservative in my personal life. But even when I'm dressed down, I wear a nice shirt, nice jeans and stilettos. Even when I go on vacation, where no one's going to see me, I enjoy picking out new clothes, bathing suits and accessories. I do it for myself because I enjoy fashion. It makes me feel like me."

    Latest Look
    "I was going to do the shorter hair [for her new album] that I had when I performed with Tina Turner at the Grammys earlier this year, which I loved. But I've decided to wear my hair straight instead. I've had so many different hairstyles, and I don't want this project to be about my hair. With my makeup, I was doing a lot of liquid liner before. Now I'm into a gold smoky eye and natural-tone lip."

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    PHOTOSHOP much?

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    Geezus, that is so overly touched up it's ridiculous. They must know that we aren't all that gullible. But hey, if it sells magazines, I guess they don't care what looks real and what doesn't.
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    i think she is so boring

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    Not a fan.
    The nice thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people, they think it's their fault. ~Henry Kissinger~

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    Well at least they didn't lighten her to the point where she nearly looks white.

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