Source: Necole || Been B*tchin’ Since The 80’s: Ciara Vibe Excerpts, Plus “Go Girl” Featuring T- Pain

Yesterday, I posted an exclusive sneak peak of Ciara from her nude Vibe Cover shoot. Here is the official vibe cover plus excerpts from her interview. In the features she addresses rumors that she is dating Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. She also discusses the eclectic new sound of her upcoming third album, Fantasy Ride, and confirms her split from long-time producer Jazzy Pha.

Ciara on dealing with fame:

“I was meticulous about the things I would share…But people are gonna say what they wanna say…They said I was a man! It doesn’t get any worse than that.

Ciara on Dating:

“You don’t have to sell yourself out.Take your time to get to know somebody before you involve the physical aspect…It’s just not the way to start off. It creates confusion. When you subtract those things, it allows you to focus more on who the person is.”

Ciara discusses working with new producers on her upcoming album:

“You’re gonna get more attitude, more aggressiveness—everything is intensified…You get your sensual vibe. You’re gonna get the street, you’re gonna get the hood.”
Check out her new single below: *cover art is insane*

Click here if you missed the exclusive sneak peak of her nude Vibe spread. BTW, thanks for the emails. I am aware that a few ” bigger” sites took the photos from yesterday and cut the watermark out. No biggie..