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Thread: Sarah Jessica Parker ~ Marie Claire Mag. (Rus) July '08

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    Default Sarah Jessica Parker ~ Marie Claire Mag. (Rus) July '08

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    Fugly as usual.

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    i really like the second photo and i like that she has been able to do well in an industry obsessed with appearance. The third photo could have been a lot better.
    Alicia Silverstone: "I think that the film Clueless was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness."

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    I just don't see anything attractive about this woman.

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    Her attractiveness isn't something you can pick apart or analyze. It's just there. None of her features work individually but she is much more attractive for me than the forgettable blondes in Hollywood.

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    ^^^I agree. I appreciate the character that her looks have. And remember, this woman is an actress, not a Playboy model, and we need to stop thinking actresses need to be pretty. That's why we have so many talentless fucks shoved in our faces by the entertainment industry. It's also one of the reasons I enjoy British cinema so much more on average than American movies.....the characters are more real and believable and not so overexposed that I can't suspend my disbelief. Besides, she seems like a nice person to me and seems to have her ego under wraps so I hate to see her bashed just because she isn't perfect looking.

    It also gets to me because it seems we women are always being judged and valued based on our physical appearance as the major criteria and to me that takes away from who we are as human beings. It dehumanizes us more than men when we pick women apart like they are some sort of science project. If you aren't pretty enough people dismiss you. If you are pretty enough they don't care what else you have to offer or they just resent you outright (and men often resent the very beautiful women they worship, imo).

    Off my soapbox now..................

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    I respect her. She does have an attractiveness that transcends mere "prettiness." And in person---she's much prettier. She's adorable in person. Her skin is beautiful, her hair is beautiful, she's tiny, and charming to look at.

    I like her.

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    i must admit, her perfumes smell nice. i like the new one she came out with, it's in a purple bottle.

    but she needs to stop smoking, she grosses me out when i see her fingers!

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    She cannot act. She annoys me, so does her huge mole.

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