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Thread: Kristen Bell - Vanity Fair - May 2008

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    Default Kristen Bell - Vanity Fair - May 2008

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    I like the hair and make up but i've seen better photo's of her and i hate the swimming costume.

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    I love her and I can't wait to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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    Lots of Luv for Kristen Bell. She can do no wrong.

    VF should have 'shopped that smudge mark on the inside of Kristen's left arm....WTF?
    Why is no one is paying attention to the details?
    "the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone"

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    Does she really have broad shoulders and no ass, or is it just a bad photoshop job?

    Not to mention her lower leg has a tent toward the middle where the calve muscle
    should have started; it looks like they tried to make her leg more shapely while
    ignoring the anatomy of the body.

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