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    Isabella is the daughter of the Victor Hervey, the
    6th Marquess of Bristol.
    The Hervey name is very famous in English history and
    traditionally, in the 18th cent, etc, they were very close
    to the Royal family and thus very influencial in the events of the day.

    In later life, after two divorces, the Marquess married
    his secretary and had two daughters.... Victoria and Isabella...
    Both girls grew up to be very attractive young women prominent in the gossip columns and endlessly persued by the paparazzi.
    Isabella , now in her early 20s has always been keen on athletics and keeping fit, thus her well toned physicke.
    She has been in a few TV reality shows.... desert island .... celebrity athletics..... celebrity circus etc where she wowed the tv audience with her perfect figure and athletic ability.
    Shes also a keen horsewoman.

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    hmm she's pretty

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