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Thread: Natalie Imbruglia-Helen Marsden Photoshoot

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    Default Natalie Imbruglia-Helen Marsden Photoshoot
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    She's gorgeous. But my Mum and I both agree that she's had some PS recently. I was in denial at first, and it was hard for my Mum because she was such a fan of 'natural Natalie'.

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    She didn't need the PS. She was beautiful before.

    Pretty pretty eyes. I like Natalie. "White Lilies Island" is an underrated album.

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    She has bug eyes, the color is lovely but damn....major eyelids.

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    I hate her face. When she had that hit, umm, "Torn" I think was the title, in the video she had her bug eyes all up in the camera, trying her damnedness to "spread" (for lack of a better word) her face into this waifish look. Her face looked like the camera had a walleye lens on.

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