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Thread: Ashley Tisdale & Miley Cyrus - George Lange photoshoot

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    Default Ashley Tisdale & Miley Cyrus - George Lange photoshoot

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    I assume the blond one is Ashley? Anyway, is it just me or does she do the Mary-Kate duck smile?

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    Miley's cute and seems really down to earth. Ashley, on the other hand, clearly thinks she's a lot cooler than she really is. She reminds me of Haylie Duff... always posing and smirking like she's really something special while everyone else feels embarrassed for her because she's the only person who considers herself to be a star.

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    Miley's so great! she's sweet and nice and her voice is pretty!! I really like her alot! she's so cute as well!!
    Ashley is a typical teen star lol ... I mean she looks so much like the like a Hilary Duff or a Lindsey Lohan wanna-be !!

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