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Thread: Lena Dunham - Domino Fall 2019

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    Default Lena Dunham - Domino Fall 2019

    On her mother’s obsession with realizing a new home: “My mother is obsessed with real estate. This obsession borders on romantic. She’s never been content in a home for more than a few months before she starts fantasizing about the next one, searching and craving and driving everyone around her mad with her desire to level up.”

    On how she purchased her first home at 26 at a deal: “I thought I was content when I moved out at 26 (too old, I know, I know) and bought my first apartment: a prewar deal so good that other New Yorkers became angry when I told them (I got it off a dead guy who nobody liked! That’s the secret!)”

    On being “real-estate shamed”: I made a massive real-estate mistake, the kind that nightmares are made of. I bought something in a state of panic, feeling like if I didn’t put down roots soon I’d float away. I never even moved in, and magazines wrote about it when I sold it at a loss. I was real-estate shamed.”

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    they definitely improved her face.
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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