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Thread: Michelle Williams - Elle UK

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    Default Michelle Williams - Elle UK

    On social media: ďI havenít figured out how to use [social media] as a source for my own good. I havenít figured out how to use it to find something inspiring or beautifulÖIím just not a techy person. Itís a little ridiculous to be so unknowledgeable about the thing that has sort of taken over the world. I guess I donít relate to it, which probably makes me irrelevant.Ē

    On her 20s: ďMy 20s felt like, ĎWho am I? What am I going to make of all of this time on the planet? What do I want? What is happiness? Who are my friends? Whatís wrong with me? How do I fix it? Who am I?íĒ

    On acting: ďThe idea of becoming someone else through an internal and external process hooked me at an early age. What does it feel like to put on a costume of somebody else? How do these clothes change me, how does this wig change me, how does this walk change me? As Iíve gotten older, thatís been the work Iíve been most interested in Ė the transformation, instead of repletion or endless self-replication.Ē

    Michelle Williams Reveals Why She Doesn?t Use Social Media | Magazine, Michelle Williams : Just Jared

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    She looks good. I'm glad she's gone back to the short hair.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    I think they look like great, throwback 1960's/1970's era photos,.
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