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Thread: Ivanka Trump US Weekly October 2017

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    Default Ivanka Trump US Weekly October 2017

    She’s pushing for more STEM education: “As we think of the bigger pictures of wage equality and eliminating the wage gap, a huge part is ensuring that women are participating in these lucrative job fields.”
    Ivanka’s goosebumps: “It’s incredible. It takes some time to acclimate to the intensity of the experience, but it’s been truly remarkable and I feel so blessed every day to be able to come to work at the White House. I truly get goosebumps just walking through the door and i think I’ll always feel that way. I hope I’ll always feel that way.
    Her goals: “Providing opportunities, like encouraging female and minority entrepreneurship in this country. Skills training needs to start with our youngest students and include our oldest workers, who have been displaced by technology. Advocating for today’s dual-income families and for paid family leave.
    Finding time for her family with a “demanding” job: “It’s incredibly difficult. Some days I do a really good job of creating that balance and other days, I don’t. It was much easier when I was my own boss, where I could set my own schedule, but working in the White House doesn’t lend itself to that because of the gravity of the issues that you’re dealing with. When you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about something — the things you’re worrying about just have so much more consequence.
    Whether it’s difficult to be famous now: “I really can’t complain. I could talk to you about the scrutiny, but I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to advocate for causes I really care about.
    Whether she reads about herself: “No. If I engaged too deeply, I wouldn’t be able to prioritize the things I came here to do.
    On Jared: “He’s my best friend. He’s the kindest, smartest, most thoughtful person I know. When I’m down, he always knows it and he’s going to reinforce me.
    [From Us Weekly]

    Cele|bitchy | Ivanka Trump covers Us Weekly, gets ?goosebumps? in the White House

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    Fuck off and fuck you.

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    Go fuck yourself
    Fluctuat nec mergitur
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    Someone suggested on here to show the pre plastic surgery Ivanka when she’s in the news to fuck with the Trumps. Now is the time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrowFilla View Post
    Fuck off and fuck you.
    Nice, accurate description of how I feel about her.

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    How inspiring she is to women and entrepreneurs. She started from nothing and worked her way to success, just with so much hard work! Or, there are enough white trash middle income women impressed by the "wealth and glamor" of Donald Trump and his name and lifestyle that will buy shit this century's Jackie O endorses. Ticky tacky made by kids in China shit, stamped with the Trump name. What a depressing time we live in.

    Her made up "job" is stressful? WTF? Her nepotism personified position of doing nothing but getting to have White House advisor on her LinkedIn profile. And her extensive experience in advising the direction of leading the free world. She's so accomplished and impressive! Buy her shoes! And her books! I hope she gets a TV show some day! Fucking clown show.

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    Oh look, it's the (literal) spawn of Satan. The smugness and delusions of grandeur are strong with this one, just like with her dear ol' daddy.

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    I feel so blessed every day to be able to come to work at the White House
    Except there's no reason for you to even be at the White House every day because you don't officially work there, do you?
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