Anne, on her Les Miserables character:
“As a woman born in 1982, I take for granted so many freedoms that Fantine wouldn’t even dream of.”

Jessica, on playing real people in Zero Dark Thirty: “Because we’re playing characters that really exist, it was important to show the utmost respect when portraying them.”

Sally, on Lincoln co-star Daniel Day Lewis: “Daniel’s generosity is really unheard of. And I needed to find a relationship with this man, instantly. So, I came to his house and he said shall we have coffee. And I said, no. Like Mary, I want to get you out of the house…and we walked for hours… I was able to say to him, I need to touch you, I hope you don’t mind… It was the most magnificent work experience I’ve ever had in my life, I’ll never have it again like that, and I will cherish it until the day I die.”
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