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    Default Ziyi Zhang - Flaunt Magazine

    On how Chinese media differs from American media: “Someone can say ‘she has slept with this guy last night’ and even if it’s not true, anyone can upload it. If you want to sue them, go ahead and sue them but the punishment is next to nothing. They may lose a bit of money or put a small apology in the paper. But China is nothing like America, where [if you’re a famous person] there is the law to protect you.”

    On how she feels the world perceives her
    : “People look at me and think I am Chinese or simply a Chinese actor or representative of China, like I’m a victim. I am not going to do a film where I play a stereotypical role that reinforces what the Western world thinks about Chinese people. Chinese people are always depicted as poor gangsters or villains.”

    On her role in Memoirs of a Geisha
    : “[It] showed that I am not just a kick-and-punch pretty girl, but that I can do real drama. I am a serious actor.”

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