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Thread: Drew Barrymore - Haute Living - October 2012

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    Default Drew Barrymore - Haute Living - October 2012

    Drew Barrymore shows off her wine vineyard in this new feature for Haute Living‘s October 2012 issue, on newsstands September 20.

    On having children: “I can’t wait until I have my children. I love the idea that they don’t have to do something that they have no interest in, that they can do something completely opposite if they want to. I will be so surprised if they don’t want to do something involving food or wine or art, but I’ll be OK with it. I just want to build fun, great things for my family.”

    On creating Barrymore Wines: “We went to Italy, we went to our vineyard, our bottling plants, we tried a lot of different wines. I’m very leery of celebrity culture….I wanted to put it out there because wine is about tradition and family. Putting your name on something and having no idea how it came about if someone else did all the work–that’s not me.”

    On having the opportunity to create wine: “I love wine… I think it’s nice to do what you really love in life, occupationally and recreationally. Right now, I’m getting to do the things I love and I’m so, so happy about it.”
    Celebrity News and Gossip | Just Jared

    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
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    I like these.
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    She seems like such a sweet gal.
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