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Thread: 1953 Miss America Contestant Photoshoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belt Up View Post
    Women were permitted to have hips and thighs in those days, how times have changed.
    yea but look at beyonce, jlo, and kim kardashian. a lot of people find them beautiful. big old hips are slowing making a come back right?
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    Even if some female celebs have curves these days, I'm struck by how natural and human these pageant contestants look, and the fifties aren't exactly known for "natural." Just in a few photos I see a variety of body types, I see cellulite, and flattish bustlines, and teeth that today would have veneers.

    Today it's almost as if women celebs in real life are trying to look like the airbrushed versions of themselves. Any flaw is surgeried out. And if it isn't, it's splashed all over the cover of some "Worst Bikini Bodies" feature in a news-stand rag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Really? Were there really corsets built into the swimsuits? Didn't know that. Most of them have nice curvy legs and thighs. I like it, they look healthy.
    If they wear corsets regularly then their torsos have probably been molded and shaped into a curvier silhouette. This shape remains even when the corset isn't worn. So technically these photos aren't of 'natural' women if they've used corsets to change their figure.

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    Wow. Contestants that don't look like trannies!

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