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Thread: Dakota Fanning - C Magazine - May 2012

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    Default Dakota Fanning - C Magazine - May 2012

    On being a college student: Im not going to school for a career. Im going for my own interest, for myself. I already know what I want to do forever.

    On if shes ever been in love: Ahh, not really. No. I would have to say no but Effie wasnt really in love with her husband, either, which made [filming the movie of the same name] easier.

    On turning 18: I feel like this new chapter as an adult is almost like starting over. Thats the interesting part about getting older in this business. Im excited to present myself differently.

    Celebrity News and Gossip | Just Jared

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    Makeup makes her look twice her age.

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    I don't like these. I really love those blue suede shoes though.
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    She still looks like a little girl playing dress up to me.

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    She looks pretty in these pictures. She was a great actress when she was a kid. The only thing I've seen her in since she has grown up is The Runaways.

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