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Thread: Dave Franco GQ April 2012

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    On his knack for d-baggery: “Oh man, I’ve stopped trying to analyze it, because it makes me upset. Once I was complaining about it to someone, and they said, ‘It’s because you have an a–hole face.’ I was like, ‘Um, thank you. Thank you very much.’”

    On his first theater class: [There were] “all these people screaming and crying and hitting each other. I remember thinking ‘F— this,’ but I stuck it out, and in a cheesy way I think it was good for me. It opened me up a bit.”

    On dabbling in poetry during high school: “My God, it was really pretentious s—. I would write a poem out in the most simple terms, and then I would go through the thesaurus and find these elite replacements for them.”

    Dave Franco: I Wrote Pretentious Poetry in High School | Dave Franco, Magazine : Just Jared

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    I think he's cute. I like the suit.
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    He's ugly to me.
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    He's a cutie but kinda boring looking. Sounds like a cool guy tho.
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    He's not as cute as his brother was when he was cute.

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