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    Default Taylor Kitsch - Flaunt

    On his new sci-fi flick: ďI think that the biggest thing that Iím most proud of with John Carter is breathing life into [Director Andrew] Stantonís dream. This is a guy who at eight years old lived for these books. Obviously, heís fulfilling his dream doing the film. For me, to breathe life into that is a pretty great honor.Ē

    On filming football scenes for Friday Night Lights: ďThe guys you see in the football stuff, some are ex-NFLers, some are Arena Football players, and everyone had college experience. These guys were no joke.Ē

    On deciding to live in Austin: ďIím not a fan of Los Angeles. I like to stay out of the mix. Itís the best thing for me, personally. It keeps me creative, keeps me around people who donít give a shit who you are. I think thatís very important especially with what we have coming up this year. None of my friends in Austin are actors. It can be quite refreshing. You go, any day of the week, to a music venue, and you are watching other people that are living for their work as well, and I love thatóitís great.Ē

    Taylor Kitsch | Flaunt Magazine

    "T„o estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguťm suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    So hot.
    FUCK YOU AND GIVE ME MY GODDAMN VENTI TWO PUMP LIGHT WHIP MOCHA YOU COCKSUCKING WHORE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH. I just get unpleasant in my car. - Deej Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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    now this is what he's supposed to look like! not the lame way he's been showing up on red carpets lately.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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