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Thread: Isabel Lucas and Natalia Vodianova - Vogue - May 2011

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    Default Isabel Lucas and Natalia Vodianova - Vogue - May 2011

    Isabel Lucas and Natalia Vodianova mingle with hotelier Andre Balazs, Red Riding Hood actor Max Irons, and Off the Map’s Martin Henderson in this shot from a spread in the May issue of Vogue.
    The spread was shot at the iconic Chateau Marmont where young talent is “behind every door.”
    The shoot also features Matthew Gray Gubler, Dave Franco, Ethan Peck, and Dakota and Elle Fanning.
    The May issue of Vogue features Water for Elephants actress Reese Witherspoon on the cover.

    Just Jared

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    Love these photos. Each one is interesting and there's a lot going on.

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    i want the kelly bag isabel lucas is carrying in the first pic.
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    These are great.

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