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Thread: Winona Ryder, Elle, January 2011

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    Default Winona Ryder, Elle, January 2011

    On dating:
    I remember being at this bar called Tosca in San Francisco, and I met this guy one night. He was really cute, and we were talking, and then, like, he just said something about how he had always had a crush on me. And I was suddenly mistrustful about why he was talking to me. I wanted to be just a normal girl flirting with a normal guy. Its like you meet people, and they know this stuff about you. Its why you want to meet somebody whos in the same business, only because they understand more. But you dont necessarily want to be with another actor.
    On ageing as an actress:
    I did relate to Beth [in Black Swan] on a certain level. Just that thing of, you know, when Im told Im not the ingenue anymore. And now Im 39. I remember when I was younger, I couldnt wait to be older, because I was always the kid on the set, I was always younger than everyone else. And now Im older than a lot of the people I work with. Ive been doing this for 25 years, which is so strange. I was watching TV, and there was this oldies-but-goodies film fest, and Lucas came on. I was like, Oh my God, Im an oldie!
    On the Internet:
    I dont use the Internet, but apparently you can find out everything on it. I have my e-mail on my BlackBerry, and thats about it. Ive never read a blog, ever. I feel like its taking away that great anticipation of seeing a movie. It used to be youd hear, like, Al Pacino was making a movie, and you wouldnt know anything about it. And nowadays, you know it all, like how much [the actors] are being paid. I would hate to see a picture of me and the caption reads, Is she worth it?
    On her career hiatus:
    If I dont relate to the [project], even if its something that I should do, its hard for me to say yes. Im the type whod rather not work than work on something Im not into. Ive done that a couple of times, and I feel like I can totally see it in my performance.
    Can she say which films?
    No, but its kind of obvious. I mean, theres a couple of times that I did it, for the, you know, paycheck. Even when I was youngerI remember I did this movie that wasnt good, called 1969. I totally did it cause I could get out of school. I can see it in even great actors performances, when theyre phoning it in.
    On a bet with Sean Penn:
    I remember when I was about 18 Sean Penn made a bet with me. He had just directed his first movie, and hes like, By the time youre 30, I will bet you $500 that youll be sick of acting. Im still waiting to collect, because Im not.

    Actress Winona Ryder, Interview and Photos

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    Noni's still got it! I love her.
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    I barely recognised her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dowcat View Post

    My favorites. Gorgeous pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belt Up View Post
    I barely recognised her.
    same here but these are great!

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    I can't believe it but I actually really like these, all except for the runny mascara pic. Otherwise, they are fantastic.

    Edited to add: Ok, I see now that isn't runny eye's part of the hat. I love ALL these pictures. They are wonderful.

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    Crazy klepto cunt but these are great pictures of her. Stunning, even.

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    i love her.
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