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Thread: Stephen Dorff - VMan

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    Default Stephen Dorff - VMan

    Stephen Dorff flaunts his rock hard abs in a chic Burberry coat on the latest shirtless cover of VMan, on stands today.
    The 37-year-old rebel actor next stars as the leading man in the Sofia Coppola-directed Somewhere.
    He tells the mag that he owes Sofia for renewing his interest in acting and discovering his art.
    “This isn’t Stephen’s comeback,” Sofia says. “It’s his rediscovery.”
    FYI: Stephen’s mother died of brain cancer one year and one day before Sofia offered him the coveted role.
    Just Jared

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    He used to be so cute, what happened? He needs to lose the scowl, he'll never be James Dean. Body is hot, though.
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    Back in the boxed wine.


    Meh. Body is okay though.
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    Not bad but I'll bet he's a tiny man. He looks really short, like an action figure or something.

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    He's short and sooo not my style! But in the pictures they did a nice job - he even looks hot in some!

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    He reminds me of Mickey Rourke* in some of these.

    * The hot Mickey Rourke of 9 1/2 weeks, not the broke down Mickey Rourke of late.

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    I saw this today in the magazine store and wondered why there was a very old picture of Mickey Rourke on a magazine.

    I knew this magazine would be posted here.

    He has a douchey reputation, yes? I don't remember why though.

    He's 5'7".

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