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Thread: Jessica Alba At Home, Life Magazine, August 2010

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    Default Jessica Alba At Home, Life Magazine, August 2010

    Jessica Alba Invites You Over

    At the end of a secluded cul-de-sac in Los Angeles, inside her lush, light-filled home, one of Hollywood's sexiest stars spends a Saturday doing the unthinkable: cooking for a bunch of people on her day off.
    But for Jessica Alba, whom you'll next see kicking butt in the action-exploitation flick Machete (Sept. 3), this is far from drudgery. It's a precious opportunity to play hostess, a role close to her heart.
    Among those lucky enough to score an invitation to the 29-year-old actress' private dinner party on August 21 was photographer Jeff Vespa, who captured, exclusively for LIFE, a side of the star she was eager to share: Here, check out Alba, radiant and relaxed, as she shows off her kitchen skills, kicks back with an art book in her living room (pictured), and enjoys the view from what she calls her "woman's room."

    Wrought-Iron Maiden

    Alba stands outside the ornate gate that separates her eclectic dining room from the back patio. Following renovations to the kitchen and other areas of the house, Alba, her husband Cash Warren, and their 2-year-old daughter Honor recently moved back in -- and on this day she's ready to open her doors to a diverse group of guests: a close childhood friend who is now her makeup artist; a cousin and his family; her stylist; a son of her Machete costar Danny Trejo.

    Jessica on the Grill

    On screen, she's been a superhero (Fantastic Four), a lasso-wielding stripper (Sin City), and a tough-as-nails immigration agent (the new Machete) -- but at home, Alba enjoys the simple things. Like barbecuing. Here, she keeps an eye on the chicken and carne asada for her dinner party.
    She and husband Cash Warren, who had an outdoor kitchen set up as part of the home renovation, also grilled lamb chops, carrots, and eggplant. Someday, they hope to finally make wood-fired pizza -- the white, fireplace-like structure pictured in the background is the oven for it -- but probably not anytime soon. "In order to start using it, you have to cure the oven -- it has to be watched, and at a specific temperature, for 40 hours," photographer Vespa says. "Who has that much time?"

    Apron On
    Alba puts together a veggie dish made with sliced zucchini, pine nuts, basil, parmesan -- and very generous portions of two key ingredients. "She put a whole bottle of olive oil and a bottle of balsamic in these salads, and I was thinking, Is this going to be any good?" Vespa says. "But it was delicious."

    The Knives Come Out
    Slicing up feta for another salad.

    Service With a Smile
    The most famous barista ever? Alba pours the fruit-infused tea she made using a coffee press. Among the other drinks she and a friend mixed for the party: sangria, plus a citrus cocktail chilled with frozen pineapple chunks, reports Vespa.

    All Set
    Among the dishes Alba lays out: roasted tomatoes with pesto and burrata (a creamy mozzarella); a salad with shredded carrots, feta, cherry tomatoes, and avocado; and grilled eggplant. Though the unique chandelier provides ambience, most of the light coming into Alba's dining room is natural -- the space is covered overhead but open to the gorgeous California sun on one side. The actress and her family also soak up rays by their very cool swimming pool, fed by a manmade stream from an adjacent hill.

    The Living Room
    Besides working in the kitchen, the actress also enjoys doing improvement projects around the house -- "actually getting in there and sanding and priming," Vespa says. Earlier this year, Alba put her know-how to the test as a celebrity volunteer on ABC's TV hit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, helping Ty Pennington and his crew build a home for a big-hearted Texas family affected by Hurricane Ike.

    Where Jessica Goes to Relax
    Alba poses on the balcony off the master bedroom, the area of the house she's designated as her "woman's room" for relaxing and sneaking in some private time. (She also has a separate, full room she uses as a closet.) Even on the day of the dinner party, she was still perfecting the design of the balcony space -- reupholstered white chairs were delivered just as her guests arrived.

    Tea Time
    Alba takes a breather on the back patio. Just two days later, it was announced that she will re-team with Machete director Robert Rodriguez for Spy Kids 4, another action-packed adventure. But this time, her character is a little closer to reality: She'll play a mom balancing her peaceful home life with her thrilling, sexy job.

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    Gorgeous photos.
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    i don't like her house.
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    ^Me either...the last pictures especially give off an eerie feel imo.

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    God, they were hard up for a cover story weren't they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i don't like her house.
    Lol, my gawd, is that shag carpeting under her grandma couch?

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    Great cover. Love the blue couch. Hate the reindeer chandelier.

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