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Thread: Jessica Alba, FHM Australia, September 2010

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    Default Jessica Alba, FHM Australia, September 2010

    There was a lot of discussion about the rights of illegal Mexicans coming over here then driving around in a car with no insurance and a Mexican pride sticker on it to their part-time job at Wendy's over the weekend, so to make the pouting white people happy, here's a Mexican in FHM! And she's not even picking oranges or swallowing condoms filled with heroin! Or having babies 11 months apart or wearing a church dress with soccer shoes! Man, are the pictures some kind of alternate reality?! I might need to lie down! I can barely even believe it!

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    Nice pictures.

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    Kind off cute in some of these.
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    well for a change she doesn't look twelve years old...

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    She looks sexy in these.
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