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Thread: Victoria Beckham - Vanidades - 2006

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    Default Victoria Beckham - Vanidades - 2006

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    Mmm.. I know everyone on here tends to be quite critical of Victoria Beckham but I have to admit I do quite like her. Partly cos I feel she received a lot of criticism when her husband cheated on her, and he received no backlash at all! Anyway, thats besides the point!

    I don't know many women who have had three kids and still have a body like that, so I think she looks great!

    But she doesn't seem to know much about posing, and I can't believe they got her to pose in that big purple clown wig.

    Overall though I think she looks good here. Plus, she has killer legs!

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    I don't know why but I find pictures of Victoria Beckham scantily clad deeply disturbing. She is not in the least bit sexy and she tries too hard.

    I agree about the Beckham thing though - just imagine if she'd had the affair - she'd be villified!

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    Both shots with the purple wigs are terrible.

    She does have great legs, but IMO they look better when her hips are covered. When it shows that she has no hips or ass at all, the effect is ruined to me.

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    I go through phases with Vicky, sometimes I feel sorry for her and that makes me kinda like her but I go right off her when I see her being all fake and pouting like she's the friggin queen! I think these pics are pretty crappy, especially the purple wig ones, WTF was the photographer thinking??
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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    I wish this excuse for a woman would just vanish, she has enough money and is banging Beckham so she should just go away and leave us in peace. She always looks like an awkward crackwhore in her pics. Oh and for the love of God cut Romeo's hair he looks like a girl!

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    the purple wig?? WHY??

    i agree that for having had 3 kids she looks amazing, and her legs are fabulous!!

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham - Vanidades

    reminds me a lot of the three little pigs story..maybe if we blow really hard..she will just completely blow away..never to be seen again
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