New Album Official Release Date: May 23rd!!!

Hi everybody! How ya' doing? I know I have stated other dates here before, so now I have zero credibility with you, but my official album release date is May 23rd!!!!!!! The first single is now PROMISCUOUS. There will be another club track out at the same time called "NO HAY IGUAL". I am excited. "Loose" is a fast, fun album. Watch for me on tv.. Tim and I will be performing our song any day now, all of the video shoots for both songs take place next week. Little x is at the helm. Well, I had better go do some sit-ups!!! Ladies and gentlemen, see ya soon. Band is rehearsing, summer is booked solid with festivals and touring in europe and england....north american dates currently being planned for. It's gonna be a fun year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Nelly

Ps.. Have you seen Brokeback Mountain yet? I went and my friend made fun of me for crying too hard... It's amazing...congratulations to Gustavo Santaolalla for an amazing soundtrack!!!!

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