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Thread: Scotland

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    Oh fantastic, Inverness is an amazing city, there's tonnes of historical stuff around about it and there's great shops and restaurants in the city. I just spent the weekend on the Isle of Islay, and if you're going during the summer I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to at least one of the hebrides, it was absolutely stunning and the people were lovely. I spent my Saturday sitting in a beer garden at a pub on the beach getting drunk and eating local seafood, it was fabboo.
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    I ended up getting to go on this retirement coach tour through the Highlands and it was awesome! Long story short, I got to go for free because the original retiree was an alcoholic in the past and decided to resist temptation. Anyhoo because it was guided and catered to the 60+ (I was the youngest by a few decades), it wasn't that adventurous but honestly, that part of the world is so beautiful that whether you go guided or not, it's stunning to see.

    I moved up to this area near Beauly for a few months in 2005 and loved it there. So much history and the scenery is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i am dying to go to scotland, so definitely do it!
    but personally i hate guided tours unless it's to places where you absolutely need an experienced guide - like long hikes in the mountains where you could get lost and stuff. so i would skip the guided tour part, buy a book on the highlands, rent a car or something and do it on my own. but that depends on your preferences and stuff i guess and i'm antisocial and hate organised activities unless it's a group of friends and we choose what we want to do and it isn't part of some package deal.
    I've done this in Ireland 3 times --rent a car and travel at my own pace. I loved it and can see myself doing it in Scotland and England in the future .

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquariusMoon View Post
    thanks for all of the input!

    i think we're going to stay in the inverness area and go out from there

    we will have a little over 2 weeks! i'm so excited!!
    That's one area I didn't spend much time in - just grabbed a quick bite and back out again. But I've heard great things about Inverness, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!
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    Check this

    Bring rain clothes. Bring a sweater & jeans (or chilly weather wear it's around 9C to 16 in the borders at the moment.

    Suggestion about driving. If you see something you like stop in a safe place to look at it rather than driving very slowly, rubbernecking, holding up all the traffic, drifting all over the road.... I'm sure you get the picture... Oh, check out the traffic laws before you even start driving as the speed limits are different, you can't turn on a red traffic light but must stop and can only overtake on the outside even on the motorway.

    There are some amazing places to visit, I like the trip to Aberdeen myself (apart from the fourth bridge), little houses made of granite. Don't even think of staying in Edinburgh unless you have booked in the summer, the festival takes up any spare bookings.
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    Scotland is beautiful and people are really great!
    I'd suggest to go see Edinburgh and as many castles as you can.

    Bring rain clothes. Bring a sweater & jeans (or chilly weather wear it's around 9C to 16 in the borders at the moment.
    This is a very good suggestion!

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