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Thread: Photos of my coast - taken this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprynkles View Post
    Love Santa Cruz! Went there as a teenager. Went to the amusement park on the beach. It was so fun, even though I was with my parents. But from then on, I knew where I lived was very lame for not being by the beach!

    Great Northwest... not sure where you're from, but I was in Grant's Pass, Oregon a few years ago. Seemed nice. It was the first time I had ever seen a stranger pump gas into our car. I felt like I had traveled back in time. The next time my husband and I take a vacation, we plan on going into Oregon, even though it's pretty far. We might go to Ashland. He got a LOTR replica sword there in high school. I'm afraid it might be too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctora Pepper View Post
    lol, we should visit sometime. If you know any apartments for rent, let me know.
    you got it.
    white, black, puerto rican/everybody just a freakin'/good times were rollin'.

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    What nice pics and a beautiful beach. I would love to take the dogs to the beach everyday.

    Where Tetris pieces go to die- made me laugh

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    What gorgeous pictures!! You are very talented.

    I really enjoyed looking.. appreciate you sharing.

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