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Thread: O Canada! Help me plan a summer trip

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    Thanks, Snoopy. It doesn't take much to get me to share about my experiences in the Canadian rockies (obviously). It really is almost like a second home to me when I'm there; I feel completely relaxed, at ease and almost relieved that I get to be there again. I have hiking and geography books galore that I've bought up there, I've visited museums, read up on the history and have done just about every day hike in the books. I've sent friends up their and planned their trips.

    Several years ago, a close friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver along with her two young boys. Her husband was/is also a friend and he called me one day to talk and said something to the effect, "I have to get out of here for a while. What should I do?" I told him to take the train across Canada to the rockies and just see some beautiful scenery. And he did - he had a great time for the state of mind he was in. He called me later to thank me for suggesting it. The scenery there has you reflect somewhat on life (or at least it has that effect on me), how big and eternal that place is and how much time we really don't have. That makes me enjoy it even more.
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    That is so incredibly cool that you did the Burgess Shale hike Ė love, love the view! Definitely intend to do it one day, Iíve learnt so much about it in uni (did an evolutionary biology degree, hence the fossil orgasm) that it would be a total dream to see it.

    I took the train from Edmonton to Vancouver a couple summers ago on an impulse (and there was a strike so rock bottom prices). It took something like 22 hours to get there but was pretty spectacular to fall asleep in the dome car and wake up with mountains all around you where thereís no highways. My momís fiancť passed away a year ago and it was his wish to have his ashes spread around Jasper so we hit up Athabasca Falls and Maligne Lake (I realize it may not actually be *legal* to do the ashes thing but he would have enjoyed that part even more) and it was pretty stunning.

    Always seems to be that you donít visit much of your own backyard. I lived in Europe for a few years and have been around the States a bit but havenít seen much of Canada at all.

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