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Thread: Nudist restaurant in Paris, France

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADel View Post
    The chairs. Imagine the staff at the end of the night having to deal with the chairs.
    I refuse to use some chairs. The ones that look like dried up crotch juice makes me want to vomit. The worst was at my previous gynecologist. That means bare ass has been on the chairs. Effin’ gross. And if I noticed it, I know other people have. And why not wear thicker pants? Pantyliners? Underwear? I have so many questions.
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    It's not the nudity so much, but unless it's 90 degrees out, I would be freezing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lindsaywhit View Post
    Al fresco dinner in the Caribbean in 2002. And yes, I used a towel. Plus, I had a shower right before because we had been on the beach all day. Good times!
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    I don't trust a towel.

    A water proof pad would be better.
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