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Thread: Might be going to The Mayan Riviera in Mexico, anybody been?

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    Completely untrue that its ony nice at resorts. I go to a very low to moderately developed area of Oaxaca and its very very nice. Yes there are resorts in the area, but you can wander around perfectly safely...though I highly recommend sticking with the tours or a guide if you go into the jungle or up to the archeological sites.
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    you already know.


    are we talking about Dominican Republic or Mexico? cuz thats what I've heard about Dominican Republic, not Mexico, which I know pretty well too but I've never been to DR

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    It's funny how some islands have no issue with stuff Aruba or Caymans while others have a definite problem. Most of the DR resorts are all inclusives so that limits some of the traffic in and out. But there was someone trying to sell me whatever (braids, dresses, jewelry, smokey) every 5 minutes in DR. When there are that many people coming up through the beach, it can be hard for the resort to keep track.
    i would have no problem with this.

    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    except for high school girls on school trips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Didn't get sick, but the guts were kind of in flux the entire time which i assume is normal considering the difference in bacteriological flora and fauna in different parts of the world. An immodium a day took care of that.

    I stayed away from the so called sushi

    In all i dunno if I'd do another all inclusive again.. it was so very artificial, this bizarre compound filled with tacky drunk people and slightly better than cafeteria grade food, while guys with AK 47's stood guard at the gates.

    I think i'd rather find someone renting out a small house in Aruba, rent that with some friends for the week and do it that way.
    i feel the same way about AI resorts. there's something just so mediocre about them. next time, we'll definitely do a smaller inn or a cottage-type house rental of some sort. the food at AI resorts is the deal breaker for me. we did an ai resort for our honeymoon & only ended up eating breakfast at the hotel. we don't drink much either, so it wasn't cost effective for us. anyway, hope you had fun despite the hotel experience being not the best of the best.
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    So did you like it Grimm? The beach? Did you drink the mamajuana?

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    Eh, it was alright. I much preferred the beaches in Curacao though.. reefs 15 feet out, full of fish and gorgeous coral. I didn't see any reefs in DR except for long dead ones half buried in sand. The water also wasn't as clear.
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