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Thread: Have you driven across the USA?

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    I drove for four days and still hadn't made it out of Texas. Turned around and went back home.
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    when i was a kid, we used to roadtrip, every summer, from california to wyoming & nebraska & back. it was SO MUCH FUN. some of my best memories are from those trips & we saw so many incredible places & things. some of the places that y'all have mentioned...yellowstone, jackson, tetons (infuckingcredible take your breath away beauty), badlands & mt. rushmore...were also our favorite places, as well as custer (flintstone village!), snake river, devil's tower, great salt lake. i could go on & on.

    i can't wait to roadtrip like that with my husband & our future kids.
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    2 years ago,flew to Oregon rented an rv and a car and took 1 month driving home to Florida, visiting family members in other states and stopping at many sites along the way, Im ready to do it again. My fav places were Emerald lake, Bad lands, Grand Canyon, Austin,
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    In Illinois there is a city called Normal with a huge water tower along the interstate with the word NORMAL in T-rex sized letters. My then boyfriend quipped, "There is absolutely NOTHING odd about that water tower, I suppose...'

    PS:If you travel anywhere too far from the interstate in Nebraska, people treat out-of-towners as if they're ALIENS.
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