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Thread: Do you ride a ‘roo? Quirky questions from would-be tourists

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    I am always truly embarrassed by how stupid Americans are about the world beyond our borders.

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    A friend of mine was touring some factory somewhere in China last year. The tour guide asked where she and her boyfriend were from.
    The Chinese lady looked puzzled. "Brooklyn?"
    "Yes, Brooklyn."
    The Chinese lady beheld the two White people before her and still didn't seem to understand. "But, the Black people live in Brooklyn."
    "Well... yes. There are Black people in Brooklyn. There are also Russian people."
    "Russian people? With the Black people?!"
    "Um... Yes. The Russian people live there with the Black people."

    Fucking hilarious! It seems the Chinese factory tour guide thought that only Black people live in Brooklyn. She could not comprehend that there were Russians living there too with the Black people. By this point, my friend just gave up on trying to impart Brooklyn's demographical breakdown to the sweet little Chinese lady, bless her heart. So to this day, she probably thinks there are
    Black people
    some Russians
    and two White people
    living in Brooklyn.
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