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Thread: The differences between North America and England

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    I agree Sojiita, love root beer. I hated it when I was a kid, but it's pretty much the only pop I drink now (especially since caffeine free is standard, I'm trying to stay away from caffeine).

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    I remember when I was a kid, McDonalds used to sell Root Beer - it was lush, mmmmmm! It's probably been a good 15 years or so though since they stopped (why, WHY...?!!!).

    When I visited Florida I noticed a couple of interesting differences too...

    Your toilet cubicles have slight gaps between the door and the wall so any dodgy pervert could peer in!! THIS would cause utter outrage in the U.K with us being such prudes and all!

    Your birds are really confident! If I sat outdoors to eat then birds would be desperately attempting to nik off with my food! Birds in the U.K tend to fly off the second they catch sight of a human so it's almost impossible to get near them (with the exceptions of pigeons and seagulls but some people class those poor buggers as vermin rather than birds!).

    And lastly Americans are HUGELY patriotic! It's really shocking when you come from such a synical and sarcastic country to find that people openly utterly adore America and honestly believe that it's the best place on planet earth - with absolutely no irony at all! Your newspapers fawn over your "celebrities" in the entertainment sections (whilst over in the UK we savagely rip them apart!) and your actual "news" is biased beyond belief (if anyone thinks I'm making that last bit up then check out BBC News 24 and I promise that you'll be shocked!).
    At first I found the total lack of sarcasm really refreshing and sweetly honest but I'm afraid that after a while it began to freak me out - it's so eerie when everybody's so fantasticly NICE! I guess I'm a bitter, twisted Brit at heart- ha ha ha!
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