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Thread: Anyone try Couchsurfing or AirBnB?

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    I messaged the couple I plan to stay with in Denver when I go in Oct/Nov and they got back to me super quickly saying they'd love to have me, even though I told them I won't be booking anything until April. I'll let you know how my AirBnB experience goes in March when I go to LA to stay with a guy called Jake. I'll be heavily relying on AirBnB when I travel around the US at the end of 2014, so I'm hoping for a great first experience!
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    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    ^^ a friend of mine offers a place to sleep for couchsurfers. He's a pretty rich guy and has a big house on the lake which I wouldn't afford even if I moved in with three or four friends. He wanted to offer people with less money a good opportunity to come to Zurich without having to pay tons for a hotel room, and because he had a divorce a few months ago he found it was cool to meet new people. There was one guy from L.A. that went couchsurfing at his place and he decided to stay for six whole months. Of course they really get along well but i found it was hilarious.
    info, please!
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    unfortunately he sold his house last summer... no more couchsurfing at his place anymore. though the place he lives in now is incredible! he moved in with a friend who's a young architect and he did all the interiour, it looks like out of pinterest. But not too overdone, it's a place where you like to live, not one you fear touching anything.

    but I would offer a GR couchsurfing at my place, if you don't mind share with a crazy cat and a snoring dog

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