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    Default Solo traveling

    I'm curious as to who out there travels alone for vacations (especially internationally)? It seems like the singles traveler is a growing segment of the travel industry, with many groups dedicated to singles.

    I myself have traveled quite frequently alone. And by alone I mean truly by myself and not a part of a singles group. Singles groups are fine but you are still stuck with a group of other people and a part of their activities and itinerary. I like the fact that I don't have to be 'hostage' to what other people want to do; I can spend whatever time I want at whatever destination I want.

    I always seem to vacation during a time in my life when I am not in a relationship. As I am now single after breaking up (I think, ha ha), I am planning something this year, most likely to Bora Bora due to that thread in this section. Incidentally Bora Bora was chosen as 4th best spot in the world for singles travelers according to some website.

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    I agree with you! Alone you do what you like,when you like. My favorite travel person is my sister-we think exactly alike!
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    Yes, many, many times. You have to have the personality for it and you have to love your own company.

    I've had to ditch people that I've met on holiday. They kindly invite me for dinner because they couldn't bear the idea of me dining alone when all I really wanted to do was be alone.

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    I do from time to time.
    Im happily married but we each own our own business which makes travel together difficult at times. We try to go away together twice a year, it used to be more but our schedules overlap. He travels alone every three months and I, maybe 3 times a year. I love it. I go visit different family members though. I stay in a hotel so I can have my alone time too. I stay in the states, i only go outside the states with my husband or a friend or family member. I dont have a desire to travel outside alone
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    I've travelled alone to several places around the world (I like museums and local culture, MrAO doesn't) and it's fine provided you are the kind of person who enjoys your own company. If you need companions then go with a group but be very picky as a lot of these "singles" groups are there for drunken sex, sometimes as a group!

    My main gripe is the fact that too many travel companies, airlines and hotels charge hefty surcharges for singles even though they form a large proportion of their clientele these days.
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    Hell ya, singles travel rulez!

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    i just came back from a solo trip! it was fun! i didnt have to coordinate with anyone else. i could do whatever i want at whenever i want! loved it.

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