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Thread: The beauty of the US national parks

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    Default The beauty of the US national parks

    Acadia National Park: Number 10

    Helena de Bertodando and her family visited Yellowstone, which inevitably features in the most popular national parks in the US. Here is the full list of parks that feature in the top ten.
    In tenth place is Acadia NP on the Atlantic coast in Maine, seen here with a distinctive autumnal hue.

    At Acadia NP's Winter Harbour, sea smoke can form off the coast when the air is colder than the ocean.

    Grand Teton National Park: number 9

    Encompassing part of the Rocky Mountains, Grand Teton in northwestern Wyoming is known for its majestic peaks and glacial lakes.

    Zion National Park: number 8

    Located in Utah, this remote desert-dominated park is famous for its domineering cliffs and tight, dramatic canyons.

    Rocky Mountain National Park: number 7

    Ranging from fertile valleys to foreboding peaks, this varied national park is situated in Colorado in the south-west of the United States.

    Cuyahoga Valley National Park: number six

    Based around Cuyahoga River (known as the "crooked river" by the American Indians) in Ohio, this park has thick forests and some diverse wetland.

    Yellowstone National Park: number five

    America's first national park, this park straddles three states - Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

    Olympic National Park: number four

    This is a wide-ranging national park, extending from the beaches of the Pacific... huge, ancient forests... glacial peaks in Washington State.

    Yosemite National Park: number three

    Another of the country's most well known parks, Yosemite is known for its rivers, waterfalls and remarkably extended wilderness.

    Grand Canyon National Park: number two

    This park needs no introduction. The immense views in Arizona are as intoxicating as ever.

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park: number one

    Most popular of them all, by a huge margin, is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina, with a bewildering array of wildlife, simply breathtaking views

    The beauty of the US national parks - Telegraph

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    I love mountain ranges. They're beautiful. Grand and majestic. On our way to Austria last summer we went through Bavaria in Germany and from the balcony of our hotel we had the most beautiful view of the Alps.

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    None of the Redwoods parks are listed? That's messed up.
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    The Great Smoky Mountains are gorgeous - I never get tired of going there.

    I would love to go to Washington State and Oregon and see the Pacific Northwest. It looks like it would be breathtaking (in a good way ).

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    I am lucky enough to live in the state with the Great Smoky Mountains, we go there about twice a year.

    I have visited the Grand Canyon and I was not as impressed as I thought I'd be.

    I have also visited Rocky Mountain National Park and while it was nice, I was not as "wowed" as I had hoped. Part of it was because half of it seemed to be covered in smoke or fog that day. At the top you couldn't see anything because it was snowing. We were there in June on a bus tour. What a letdown.

    I am anxious to see more of the Rocky Mountains. Some friends have been to Lake Louise in Canada and their pictures are amazing. Huge mountains reflected in lakes. For the same reason I would like to go to the Grand Tetons.

    I've never been to Europe but I would like to visit the Swiss/Italian Alps some day.

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    so beautiful... would love to see any of them one day..
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    no Blueridge Mountains?
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    Yellowstone (actually that's a lot of different beautiful places)
    Glacier National Park
    GGNRA (Golden Gate Recreational Area, around San Francisco)
    Grand Canyon

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