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Thread: The Sapporo Snow Festival

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    Default The Sapporo Snow Festival

    This week's wintry weather saw weird and wonderful snowmen popping up all over Britain, but nothing like this
    Picture: REUTERS

    The Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual event in Japan

    Now in its 60th year...

    ...the festival runs for a week...

    ...and attracts around two million visitors

    About 270 snow and ice sculptures will be exhibited this year

    The subjects portrayed in the snow sculptures vary...

    ...from Disney characters... famous Japanese sports personalities

    One of the largest sculptires this year is a reproduction of the Namdaemun, a South Korean national treasure which was badly damaged by fire in 2008

    In 1974, the International Snow Statue Competition started, in which teams from countries around the world compete to produce the best snow and ice sculptures

    The Sapporo Snow Festival - Telegraph

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    Well geez, I clicked on this not expecting to see anything close to these awesome ice/snow sculptures! WOW!!!!

    I just thought Sapporo was beer so I'd look at this...ahah

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    Utterly amazing.
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