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Thread: The Samah, who live in the Sulawesi Sea off Malaysia's state of Sabah

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    Default The Samah, who live in the Sulawesi Sea off Malaysia's state of Sabah

    Two boys from a community commonly known as sea gypsies paddle their boat close to their home

    The Samah are an indigenous ethnic group from Malaysia and the Philippines who live a sea-based lifestyle in the Sulawesi Sea off Malaysia's state of Sabah

    The Sabah are one of a number of groups collectively known as Bajau, or sea gypsies

    Each group has its own language, culture and traditions

    Although sea gypsies are Muslims, they also revere the gods of the sea and make offerings when a large catch is brought in

    Originally the sea gypsies lived a nomadic lifestyle in boats

    Nowadays most live in small communities, building houses on stilts in the coastal shallows without fresh water or electricity

    Many only come onto dry land to bury their dead

    Sea Gypsies: the Samah, who live in the Sulawesi Sea off Malaysia's state of Sabah - Telegraph

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    great pictures!

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    I assume they also get their drinking ater from land, replacement wood for their shacks on land, clothes from land, and other such things...
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    They sure are merry.
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