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Thread: Cruising Norway’s coast

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    Default Cruising Norway’s coast

    Every winter Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise fleet that is jammed with fjord frolickers in the summer, finds its ships nearly empty. Since the line is under contract with the Norwegian government to deliver mail and cargo year round up the country's Atlantic coast, it cannot follow other cruise lines to warmer waters and cuts its fares by as much as half. Left, aboard the Finnmarken.

    Passengers can go dog sledding in the dark, flying over hills and fresh snow in the town of Tromso.

    Cruising Norway’s Coast - The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 12 of 12

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    i want to go.
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    oooh, i'd love to do this someday. i've had dreams where i live in tromso...i'm very drawn to that place for some reason, and i'm not sure why.

    and, i totally love this pic...i want to live right there, in that yellow house.

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    Norway's coast is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    Norway and Scotland are both my favourite places, but I have to say that in beauty Norway wins.

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