After a troubled recent history, the glories of Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago are once again opening up to visitors.

Its white sands and sparkling waters seem a natural setting for luxury resorts...

...such as the Benguerra Lodge, pictured here, discreetly nestled in undergrowth near the shore

You won't find many other footprints in the sand when you take a leisurely stroll along the island beaches.

Acres of pristine coastal wilderness are often largely your own

Much of the island's rhythm of life revolves around fishing

Inevitably, the bountiful marine life enhances the menu of the area's luxury lodges

Apart from hauling in the catch of the day, strenuous effort is rare.

Given the pace of life on the island, some might suspect that this boat was ironically named.

"Frankly, if you don't like boats, snorkelling, fishing or hanging about in white sand, this is not the national park for you," concludes the travel writer Lisa Grainger.

Away from the beaches, there is other entertainment for guests on the island.

But mostly you are likely to find yourself doing what comes naturally - very little indeed.

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