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Thread: Exploring California’s Trinity Alps

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    Default Exploring California’s Trinity Alps

    In the far reaches of Northern California, the Trinity Alps are relatively pocket-sized compared to the vast Sierra Nevada. And the region, located 60 miles southwest of Mount Shasta and a five-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay area, exudes the feeling of a place that time is in the process of forgetting.

    Entrance to the Trinity Alps Resort, a 75-year-old family resort.

    The Carrville Inn started as a stage-coach stop along the California-Oregon stage route in 1854. It’s located at the northernmost tip of Trinity Lake.

    The public roadway ends at Big Flat Campground, where a trail begins that leads to the Caribou lakes — about a 10-mile hike away.

    A view of Scott Valley looking north. Highway 3 borders the east side of the Trinities, snakes up over Scott Mountain at the extreme northwest corner of the Trinities and dips down through Scott Valley, bordering the western flanks of the Marble Mountains.

    The Sawtooth Ridge cuts through the heart of the white Trinities, linking together a knife-edge serration of granite peaks overlooking more than a dozen lakes. The white Trinities are named for the white granite reminiscent of the Sierras.

    Exploring California’s Trinity Alps - The New York Times > Escapes > Slide Show > Slide 10 of 10

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    I have had the pleasure of seeing the Alps. We stayed in a little cabin at the T Alps resort and it had a porch that overlooked the river, just gorgeous! Pictures just cant do it justice. Thanks for posting
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