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Thread: Come sailing on the St-Lawrence with me

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    Default Come sailing on the St-Lawrence with me

    Welcome to the Quebec Yatch Club. This is where we'll be sailing from. Not a long sail ride, just on the St-Lawrence.

    Here we go, we're not actually going to put the sails up as it's my little guy's first time sailing but we'll just go by motor. And yeah I know the motor isn't going that fast. 6 knots is actually kinda slow but enjoy the scenery.

    The cliff to the right is known as Cap Diamant

    Oh look, there's a Martello tower on the cliff

    Here you can see the Loews Concorde which is a hotel and also has a rotating restaurant at the top. I've always thought that it must be hell to be there when you're drunk but I tried it this Christmas and everything turned out okay

    That's Levis on the other side of the river.

    Getting closer to Cap Diamant

    Here you can see the fortifications on Cap Diamant.

    WTF?!? Shit! Those were pretty big waves. The FIL put my BF in charge of the boat and he caught waves from a huge boat passing by. I was so busy taking photos that I didn't notice and since I was sitting on top of the cabin that I almost took a dunk in the St-Lawrence with no life vest. But as you can see I am still on the boat.

    Hey look there's the Chateau Frontenac in the distance

    Fortifications. I can tell you this, those steps are a bitch to walk up.

    The Chateau again

    There's the funicular!! (Someone asked me pics of this last time). It's an elevator that brings you up or down the cliff if you're too lazy to walk up the steps. It also broke a while back, the cables snapped and a few people died, but I don't like to think of that when I'm on it (because yes I'm often too lazy to go up those steps)

    Here's a view of the Petit Champlain, this is where Quebec City was first inhabitated. It's a very nice place with cobblestone streets. That boat is the Louis-Joliet and it's to take short cruises on the St-Lawrence.

    Weird sailboat...

    Another view of the city from another angle

    Oh look at the tugboat

    This is the ferry that does Quebec/Levis, with the Chateau Frontenac in the background

    And here we are back at the Yatch Club. Hope you enjoyed the trip

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    beautiful,thanks Marie.
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    Love it! Thanks for the pictures.
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    Thanks for your pics.
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    Thank you for sharing with us. I loved it.
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