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Thread: China Doll Club - Beijing

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    Default China Doll Club - Beijing

    Clubbers and night cats in Beijing not only shake their booties to the hottest beats at the new ChinaDoll club , they are also surrounded by work from some of China's best contemporary artists. Founded by award-winning Chinese actress/producer Ai Wan and club designer Wu Ying, ChinaDoll was conceived and designed via their studio E.P.I.C. Design where the original club first opened in Beijing at the end of 2006.

    Relocated now to the main strip in Sanlitun, the new club is prominently located on the top floor of the '3.3' plaza building. The good news for party-goers is that this venue is three times bigger, comprising a lounge, dancefloor and eight VIP rooms. With their motto The Art of Play', the interior of ChinaDoll takes art out of the gallery and into the club. The overall theme of the interior revolves around 'The Kiss' with passion and sensuality taking centre stage.

    The work of six contemporary chinese artists is integrated into the interior, custom made installations and furniture, depicting for example sexy female forms, Chinese dolls or modern Chinese love lives. A glossy backdrop of lightboxes adorned with abstracted fashion photography references the brush strokes and vivid colours of chinese water colours. When illuminated, it creates an electric atmosphere making ChinaDoll a lolly shop for the eyes and an amusement park for the senses. - Jeanne Tan

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    bright colors, looks cool

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    I would hate to have to try and find the bar again after i was drunk
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    Uh, sure. Though its a tad over the top...but hell, looks like fun!

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    ugh! This reminds me of an arcade.
    ..and I mean that from the heart of my bottom..

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    Over the top but cool nonetheless.

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    If I were way too drunk, I think this would push me over the edge and make me hurl.
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