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Thread: Hannes Broecker - Drink Away The Art

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    Default Hannes Broecker - Drink Away The Art

    Forget about wandering through an art gallery and wondering if you’re the only one who has no idea what anything means. Hannes Broecker has brilliantly invited the cultural elite to grab a glass at an exhibition in Dresden, Germany, and drink away the art.

    Regardless of what we do or do not understand about art, we can all agree, it stimulates our senses. Broecker has aroused our sense of taste (not to mention eliminated the need of elbowing our way to the bar) by hanging flat, glass containers with a variety of cocktails in the exhibition space. As the night progressed, the levels of the multi-coloured infusions diminished. By the end of the event, the art, itself, ran dry, and empty drinking glasses were returned to where they were originally placed. By Andrew J Wiener.

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    That's so cool. VERY original!
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    the talent required for this is minimal, no doubt someone else built the installation, and the message is what?


    This is why art today sucks. It's meaningless spectacle for the sake of spectacle. It takes no talent, no vision, no actual artistry, no training or refinement of process, no understanding of technique, no knowledge and no imagination. IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

    Why is it that all 'art' has to do now is merely stimulate a sense? What is the focus of that? More to the fact, what's the point? Even mere visual, aural or in this case TASTE based 'art' has to have criteria by which it can be judged.


    Just because something makes you register an emotion does not make it art! not everything anybody does, no matter how minute or banal, is art!

    Jesus fuck, the entire word has been devalued to the point that if someone fucking farts, it's suddenly a masterwork.

    *stalks off, grumbling*
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    Darn. I thought that when I masturbated, it was ART because it made me FEEEEEL something. hah

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    lol.. damn that's pretty cool!

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