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Thread: AMC Pacific Place Cinema, Hong Kong

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    Default AMC Pacific Place Cinema, Hong Kong

    We donít go to the movies to admire the theatre, but would it kill theatre owners to build even one with an edge? Time and time again, we are disappointed in the new, mega multiplexes that are boring beyond belief in their sameness and recycled ideas. So, we must admit that there is not much to celebrate but are seeing little glimmers of hope and ingenuity once in a while.

    One example is the AMC Pacific Place Cinema in Hong Kong refurbished by Hong Kong-based James Law. The entrance areas to the six auditoriums seating 600 in 1.2-meter wide leather seats plus the a VIP theatre for 39 offer some unusual eye candy, but we are still wanting more. If you know of a truly cool movie theatre, please let us know via the contact page on the bottom of the site. By Tuija Seipell.

    AMC Pacific Place Cinema - Lighting effect insider ladies' room of the cinema

    AMC Pacific Place Cinema - near the bar of cinema

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    pretty nice

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    Me likey. I love movies so indeed it would be nice to have something a bit different than the boring mega cineplexes in the states. Theater makers only think about making it bigger or how many screens they can fit but really they need to spice things up.

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    looks like a fun place to see a movie

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    Wonder how much a movie ticket costs in Hong Kong? Outrageously priced no doubt.

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    ^^^yup, i'd love to know how much it costs to see a movie there.
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    ^^According to Cool Stuff: The Coolest Movie Theater in Hong Kong | /Film

    "Tickets range from $50HK ($6.42 American) to$75HK ($9.64 American)"

    That's supercheap in my book by American and Hong Kong standards. I was expecting ticket prices to be a minimum of $20-30 a piece.

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