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Thread: The ten most desirable villages in Britain

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    Default The ten most desirable villages in Britain

    It is a place of such perfection that people rarely leave. Quality schools, low crime rate, quaint pubs and beautiful countryside are a recipe for the good life.

    Not to mention the protective presence of a 180ft naked giant carved into the chalk landscape.
    Yesterday the Dorset village of Cerne Abbas won recognition of its assets when it was named the most desirable village in Britain.
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    Picturesque: The village of Cerne Abbas has been named as Britain's most desirable village


    Many of its cottages are listed and most estate agents in the area have lengthy waiting lists. There are only 800 residents, and even when a property does become vacant, £500,000 is the starting point for all but the smallest.
    It is also the perfect place to escape the incessant ringing of mobile phones. Sitting at the base of a valley, Cerne Abbas is a black hole for reception on most networks.
    Peter Lane, from estate agent Savills, whose survey bestowed the accolade, said the village's chocolate-box appearance made it instantly popular but its qualities were much deeper.
    "We took into account the schools, countryside, quality of housing, historic features, pubs and other facilities.
    "It is a combination of having wonderful historic buildings and modern conveniences like schools and shops.
    "The properties are made from brick, flint and stone and most are listed, so it helps keep the village looking as it always had done."
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    Sought after: Estate agents say cottages, such as this one, sell for £500,000

    Thomas Hardy called the village Abbot's-Cernel in his novels and it grew up around the great Benedictine abbey, which was founded in AD 987.
    It has three pubs, two tea rooms, a primary school, a new village hall, sports fields and a 14th century church.
    Unlike other villages of a similar size, the chalk giant and the abbey ruins bring in a tourist trade that helps sustain the amenities.
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    Big drawcard: The Chalk Giant is popular with tourists

    Local vicar Karen Curnock said: "It is a very compact village so it is easy to move around and for people to come together.
    "It is a friendly place and there are lots of clubs and societies; community is important, sharing a common life."
    Wendy Charman, who moved there two years ago, is one of the newest residents.
    "I was just in the right place at the right time," she said.
    "People have been known to buy any property they can in Cerne Abbas while they wait for the right one." The top 10 list of most desirable villages in Britain are;
    • 1) Cerne Abbas, Dorset.
    •2) Much Wenlock, Shropshire.
    •3) Coxwold, North Yorkshire.
    •4) Fingest, Oxfordshire.
    •5) Shamley Green, Surrey.
    •6) West Kington, Wiltshire.
    •7) Long Melford, Suffolk.
    •8) Weobley Herefordshire.
    •9) St Marybourne, Hampshire.
    •10) Llyswen, Powys.

    Revealed: Cerne Abbas, Britain's most sought after village | the Daily Mail

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    I would love to go gallivanting across England. It would be so easy too, since I have relatives spread out all over the country.

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    I want to live there! Man-are those houses steep or what??
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    that looks so pretty

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